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Garden Tours of the West's Best Gardens takes you on a new full screen garden tour of an outstanding western garden every week. Please visit and take your first tour.

Garden Hobbyists

GardenSoft GardenWorks Software for the Garden hobbyist

GardenWorks is software created by professional landscape designers for the garden hobbyist.

Ever wonder what shrub will grow well in partial shade, have purple flowers that bloom in the summer, and doesn't need much water after it's established?

Landscape Professionals

GardenSoft website for professional is a subscription based plant photo and information library designed to help professionals create online plant presentations and to create plant legends for designs.

With thousands of plants at your fingertips and beautiful plant photography, discover an easier way to present your ideas to clients.

Water Industry Professionals

Water Wise Gardening in Santa Barbara County

Water Wise Gardening Websites

Dozens of beautiful water efficient gardens and the plant information all in one place.

Communicate your water conservation message and provide advice on how much to water.


Water-Wise Gardening Website News


August 10 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the City of Lodi.

July 23 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the City of Redding.

July 16 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the Fresno Region.

June 25 - Water-Wise Gardening websites for the City of Ashland and the City of Port Hueneme.

June 6 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the City of Prescott, Arizona.

June 1 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the City of Huntington Beach.

May 8 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the Rogue Valley, Oregon.

April 26 - Water-Wise Gardening website for Santa Cruz County.

April 9 - Water-Wise Gardening website for the Tri-Valley Cities of Dublin San Ramon, Pleasanton, and Livermore.

February 27 - Water-Wise Gardening websites for Solano County and Sonoma County.



GardenSoft develops powerful, yet user-friendly Landscape Design Idea Software for Windows. Professionally inspired landscape design ideas you can do yourself and we can show you how.


GardenWorks for Northern California is ideal if you are looking for beautiful water-wise landscape design ideas. Search the landscape category you are interested in: front yards, backyards, hillsides, parking strips, entries, shrub borders, walkways, California native gardens, patios, raised planters, surfaces, fences, gates, decks, trellises, benches, walls, garden ornaments, vine supports, water features, arbors, low maintenance gardens, perennial borders, and dry creek beds.